Aircrete Inner Leaf

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Far superior comfort levels & long term energy savings

Cavity Wall Construction is the most common method used in building homes in Ireland. Traditional cavity walls can be elevated to deliver far superior comfort levels in your home simply by replacing standard dense concrete blocks with Aircrete Thermal Blocks in the inner leaf of the cavity.

Aircrete thermal blocks are the best performing thermal blocks available on the market in Ireland for combined thermal and structural performance. The unique composition and technically advanced manufacturing method produces blocks which insulate ten times better than dense concrete blocks, whilst still meeting or exceeding all regulatory structural requirements.

Aircrete - Build with Conscience
Made from up to 80% recycled materials
Reduced environmental impact thanks to the lower energy consumption and carbon emissions
Locally and responsibly sourced raw materials
Third party verified Environmental Product Declarations
A+ Green Guide Rating

Aircrete Thermal Blocks have optimal thermal mass to ensure internal comfort, avoiding overheating in hot summer days and rapid cooling at night, whilst still providing a more rapid response to central heating during colder periods than traditional dense blocks. With these more regulated temperatures, your home becomes a more comfortable living space all year round.

The biggest area of heat loss in the home is through the walls, accounting for up to 35% of the building’s heat loss. Aircrete Thermal Blocks will improve the U-value of the wall, which is the measure of the rate of heat transfer through the wall. By improving the U-value of the wall, you can significantly reduce the overall heat loss from the building.

Aircrete Thermal Blocks
Insulates 10 times better than standard concrete blocks
Reduces heat loss through thermal bridging by up to 80%
Eliminates mould growth
Far superior comfort levels
Rapid heating response with more regulated internal temperatures
Long term energy savings
More economical to run with reduced heating costs

Up to 80% less heat loss through thermal bridging

With more regulated temperatures, your home becomes a more comfortable living space all year round.

Another significant area of heat loss is through what are known as thermal bridges, or gaps in the insulation fabric. This can account for up to another 35% of heat loss from the home and can give rise to mould growth which is both unhealthy and unsightly.

Aircrete Thermal Blocks are known to be one of the best solutions to heat loss through thermal bridging in Ireland, reducing thermal bridging by up to 80% versus standard dense concrete blocks. By introducing Aircrete to the inner leaf of the cavity wall, thermal bridging is taken care of almost by default.

Introducing Aircrete Thermal Block into the inner leaf of your cavity wall is a simple move to a better insulated home which will also offer optimum response to heating and cooling and help eliminate heat loss and mould growth to ensure comfortable living conditions.

Whatever stage of designing your home you’re at, Aircrete inner leaf construction could be the simplest way to improve the thermal performance of your home as the switch can be made even after your plans have been approved. Our expert technical team can advise on making the change and will work with your architect to help design your energy efficient, more sustainable home.

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