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What is SIMS by Mannok and what are the benefits

Published: 6 May 2022.

A construction method which is a step above the major alternatives on the market in terms of thermal, structural and fire performance! A look at the benefits of SIMS by...

Self-Builders: Use the Correct Thermal Blocks or Risk Durability Non-Compliance

Published: 8 Feb 2022.

Self-Builders: Use the Correct Thermal Blocks or Risk Durability Non-Compliance More and more self-builders in Ireland are enquiring about block durability and the suitability of Mannok Aircrete Thermal Blocks in...


Published: 2 Dec 2021.

At Self Build Live Belfast, an exhibition show for self-builders to explore the range of methods and products to build a home for life, the organisers held a Q&A session...

Seminar: A Self Builder’s Guide to Ireland’s Best Performing Thermal Block

Published: 5 Nov 2021.

During Selfbuild Live Belfast, while Self Build With Mannok exhibited at the show which attracts self-builders from the length and breadth of the country, Mannok’s Technical & Product Specification Manager,...

Self Build Show Outtakes: The Demand for a More Energy Efficient, Comfortable Home Places Aircrete on the Self-builders Wish List

Published: 9 Sep 2021.

The Self Build Show in Belfast’s Titanic Exhibition Centre welcomed thousands of self-builders, Architects and Contractors from across the country last weekend and the Self Build with Mannok team were...

Ten Reasons Self-builders Should Build with Aircrete Thermal Blocks

Published: 23 Jun 2021.

Building with Aircrete blocks is on the rise in Ireland, and the outlook tells us demand will continue to grow both nationally and globally, with recently published research forecasting the...

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